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Movement to ban powdered alcohol photo

Movement to ban powdered alcohol

If you have not heard of Palcohol yet, you may soon. Palcohol is a controversial powdered alcohol mix that comes in a foil-style bag, similar to a kid's juice pouch. Add five ounces of water and shake for 30 seconds and you have an alcoholic drink. One bag of Palcohol contains the same amount of alcohol as a shot.

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Marijuana vaporizers photo

Marijuana vaporizers

A growing number of marijuana smokers are choosing to use vaporizers, which are similar to e-cigarettes. The vaporizers, also known as “vape pens,” are compact and portable, and virtually indistinguishable from a high-end e-cigarette. With these devices, marijuana users can avoid the hassles, hazards and telltale smell that goes with lighting up a pot pipe or marijuana cigarette.

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